Zhongyuan running season - the perfect ending of spring running activities

On May 19, 2018, the joyful "Central Plains Running Season" spring run ended in Beijing Olympic Forest Park. The contestants not only harvested a strong body, but also harvested exquisite gifts and gained a teammate. At the same time, Zhongyuan Company also thanked many friends who signed up for the “Central Plains Running Season” and hoped that everyone would be able to return with a smile every time.

All the contestants in the “Central Plains Running Season” were divided into eight groups and scored in group scores. A person's running is lonely, and a group of people's running is happy and energetic. For the team that you are in, everyone is doing their best and the energy is bursting.

High energy warning ahead

Little friends who have not arrived at the scene

Move the small bench

Let Xiaobian take you back to the grand occasion of the day:


Team members are confident


The players are all

High value, energy foot

Both ability and political integrity, both civil and military


Everyone first made a special professional warm-up exercise.

That picture is really the first set of broadcast gymnastics!

The subsequent 3KM starts,

so easy~


The photographer at the end of the run just picked up the camera.

The first place rushed over in the past~

Does this handsome guy think about the mood of the photographer...

You run so fast, does your family know?

After running, it’s a fun game.

The players who participated in the event really fought.!!


The ranking is not important, the posture must be cool, the photo must be beautiful~~~

The skills of the players taking pictures can make a few streets for passers-by.~~~



Is a natural experience

Is a way of thinking about life

It was a once-in-a-lifetime joy

Is a release of the enjoyment of the mood

The top three are on the scene~

Championship team

second place

Third place

Finally, special thanks to Abcam for their support~


Use antibodies, choose Abcam

Slightly brush the screen and talk a little more;

Less lazy, more energetic;

Less chills and more exchanges;

Less bed and a little more exercise;

Change a little,

More than one point.

As people's health concepts continue to increase, more and more people fall in love with running. Put on your sneakers and run at any time. This is the easiest aerobic exercise to practice and the most positive energy transfer in a circle of friends. I hope that through the "Central Plains Running Season" activity, everyone can feel the joy of running and spread the "positive energy" of running! Let us look forward to the next reunion!