ATCC spot inventory products, 8.8 percent off the hot offer

Small partners who have purchased ATCC cells know that if they need to ship directly from the US, the ordering cycle can often be as long as several weeks. But now the situation is different. Since mid-April 2016, Zhongyuan Company and ATCC (American Standard Biological Collection Center) have established the third ATCC biostandard stock spot library outside the United States in China. At present, there are more than 600 human-derived and animal-derived species, thousands of cells and 9 9 kinds of medium used ATCC media. Chinese customers purchase spot cells, and the order cycle is shortened to less than 2 weeks.

Not only that, all spot cells are now 8% off! Not only do we save you money, but you also save valuable time.




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Why choose ATCC?

In recent years, the use of erroneous cell lines has led to a growing problem of unrepeatable experiments. Investigations have shown that more than 400 widely used cell lines are misidentified. Currently, editorial committees of more than 60 leading scientific journals require researchers to provide cell identity documents before publishing articles.

ATCC has set up a three-level library including a preliminary library, a seed library, and a distribution library. A cell can be dispensed from the ATCC to the preparation of the seed bank, to the final storage, and needs to undergo multiple tests including STR analysis, species identification, karyotype analysis, contamination detection, cell morphology, growth curve and the like. Only through all the cells that have passed the test can they be put into storage and eventually reach the researchers.

In the past 92 years, tens of thousands of scientists have used ATCC cells to carry out their research work. ATCC's rigorous quality control procedures, advanced storage conditions and professional operations and logistics transport escort the research work of scientists around the world.





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