The 10th biological medicine industry technology seminar of zhongyuan company Beijing station was successfully held

On August 2, 2018, Beijing zhongyuan company 10th biological medicine industry technology seminar Beijing station was successfully held in xingji pullman hotel, yizhuang, Beijing.Conference invited Sartorius, BD, Alfa Laval, MD, Sciex, Luminex, Filtrox and other international well-known company's technical experts, for biomedical research and development and production of the entire process required for new products and new technology (including clarification filtration, capillary electrophoresis technology, multiple detection technology, large-scale cultivation technology of high density) conducted a wonderful speech.The conference attracted more than 100 professionals from biomedical enterprises and scientific research institutions in Beijing and its surrounding areas, and established a good communication platform for the r&d and production of various enterprises.

He yaoqiang, general manager of industrial business of zhongyuan company, attended the meeting and gave a speech

Shen Liang, Regulatory Affairs Manager of Sartorius China, gave a keynote speech on "One-time system regulations and industry standard updates"

Mr. Yan Tianci, senior engineer of BD's senior biotechnology department, gave a keynote speech on "vaccine market analysis and BHK serum-free medium development"

Alfa Laval公司区域销售经理吴昊对“蝶式离心机在生物制药的应用”进行了主题演讲







Zhongyuan company is committed to building a platform for communication and exchange between domestic biomedical enterprises and foreign well-known enterprises.With continuous efforts, the biomedical industry technology seminar has developed into a meeting with a certain influence in the field of biomedicine in China, and become a platform for exchanges and cooperation between Chinese enterprises in the field of biotechnology and medicine.Zhongyuan will, as always, join hands with domestic biopharmaceutical enterprises to jointly promote the sustainable, healthy and rapid development of China's bio-pharmaceutical industry and play a positive role in promoting China's bio-pharmaceutical industry.