Roche EvoScript Reverse Transcription New Product--One-Step RT-PCR in the Era of Innovation


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High-end quality is easy to use

√ Roche's new generation EvoScript master mix, an enzyme to complete two-step experiments of reverse transcription and fluorescence quantitative detection;

√ Single tube packaging only needs to add primers and RNA to complete the system configuration, so that the experiment can be completed quickly, and the sampling error is effectively avoided;

√ Support multiple sample and multi-project detection, high efficiency and better repeatability;

√ 5 times the concentration of the premix package to meet the needs of higher detection sensitivity and a large number of samples.

High-end quality data results

A new generation of high thermal stability reverse transcriptase results in consistent results, better stability, and easy handling of various secondary structures;

√ Support RNA extraction from a variety of sample sources;

√ Support UNG enzyme for effective anti-pollution control.

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