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GE Healthcare, the inventor of Amersham ECL, the world's first chemiluminescence reagent, is still widely used today and has gained widespread user trust. In keeping with the spirit of continuous innovation, GE Healthcare has been providing researchers with high sensitivity and high performance molecular imprinting products.

GE ECL (Enhanced Chemiluminescence) was born in 1990 and is the industry's first chemical luminescence reagent brand (formerly Amersham ECL). Over the next 20 years, its product library has been enriched to accommodate a wide range of applications from conventional protein detection to multichannel analysis using the fluorescent Amersham ECL plex. By selecting the ECL detection system, researchers can not only avoid the radioisotope operations that are harmful to humans, but also have analytical tools that are freely disposable and easy to use. These features make protein analysis faster and more convenient than before.

GE ECL uses a luminol substrate for sensitive detection and the addition of enhancers to increase enzyme activity, which greatly increases signal strength and duration, and is suitable for all current Western blotting experiments.

Luminol reagents are generally stable and do not emit light signals, and once interacted with a specific enzyme, can be converted into a luminescent product. In most contemporary ECL systems, horseradish peroxidase (HRP) coupled to a secondary antibody is used to catalyze the oxidation of luminol to produce chemiluminescence at a wavelength of 425 nm.

Currently, GE ECL's full range includes five products: ECL Start, ECL, ECL Prime, ECL Select and ECL Plex, compared to traditional methods and other similar products:

★ Higher sensitivity: up to low pg level for more reliable and excellent results;

★ Higher signal stability: maintain sufficient intensity within a few hours, can complete repeated exposure, is very suitable for a large number of experiments, can easily arrange the time between experiment and test;

★ Stronger signal strength: means lower primary and secondary antibody dosage, which reduces the background and saves the cost of antibody reagents;

★ Linear dynamic range is wider: various proteins of different abundances can be detected and accurately quantified after a single exposure.


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