Zhongyuan Company's 2018 dealer conference was successfully held

On November 2, 2018, Zhongyuan Company's 2018 dealer conference was successfully held at Beijing Zhonghang Park Hyatt Hotel. A number of dealers were invited to attend the meeting, and everyone gathered to exchange ideas. Zhongyuan Company gave a comprehensive introduction to product resources, various brands of hot products, and foreign trade platforms and import and export business.

Through this conference, dealer partners will have a more comprehensive understanding of Zhongyuan's product resources and conduct business at a higher and broader level. Zhongyuan company is willing to cooperate with all partners to develop and create a better future!


Meeting sign in the scene


Meeting venue


Manager Li Tong of the Ministry of Commerce presided over this dealer conference


Business General Manager Ma Jixian delivered a speech introducing the development history of Beijing Zhongyuan Company, the company's business, and agency resources


Xu Yang, product expert of the marketing department, introduced the agency brands of Zhongyuan Company


Zhang Xiaoli, product expert of the marketing department, introduced the complaint process and precautions of Abcam products


Wang Chunyan, Project Manager of Life Science Department, introduced Roche fluorescent quantitative PCR products


Ye Ziguang, Project Manager of the Life Science Department, introduces the RAININ brand and hot products


During the meeting, Manager Li Tong  also prepared three surprises for the dealer partners who came to the conference


Zhang Yingdan, Project Manager of Standards Business Department, explains ATCC brand and product ordering process


Lu Yueping ,Import and Export Department Manager, introduces Zhongyuan's foreign trade platform


Zhongyuan Company's mission is to "promote life sciences and serve the health of all mankind"! Taking the development of life sciences as the core service content, we will create a high-quality, efficient, safe and reliable life science product public service platform for our customers, focus on improving the international competitiveness of China's bio-industry, and work hard to promote the development of China's life sciences.

This conference provided a platform for communication and communication for dealer partners, which promoted resource sharing and promoted the development of the industry. Let us work together, mutual benefit, provide better service to customers, and contribute to life sciences!


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