Zhongyuan running season - autumn running activities perfect ending

The temperament of the runner is the sweat that is floating in the wind.

It’s a sunny sky. it’s a cheetah in the wilderness.

It is the cry of the red runway. it is the flag fluttering in the wind.


Too many symbols resonate with the runner.

Runner, a name that comes with BGM.

On October 14th, 2018, runners gathered in the Olympic Forest Park in Beijing to launch autumn running of the "Zhongyuan Running Season".


At the time of autumn, the scenery can be expected!


At this home, runners speak for themselves.

The runners are all in the show.

Carrying a steady patience in the style of a handsome style.


3KM start running!

The coolest running attitude of a big family,

Create the most handsome running position.


Running, listening to the sound of the autumn wind!

Running is a bit monotonous?

Interesting about it

Positive, optimistic, and hard

Playing the game for you

So charming



There are small flying people here.


There is a rock-solid runner alliance here.


Team style of each team


Thanks to all customers for their consistent encouragement to Zhongyuan Company!

Thanks to all the runners for their love of the Zhongyuan running season!


Special thanks to Abcam for their support

Quality is preferred - buy antibodies, choose Abcam


The Zhongyuan running season has always maintained a positive and progressive state, running through the spirit of forging ahead, just as all Zhongyuan people serve customers' attitudes and awareness. We hope that through the Zhongyuan running season, let everyone feel the joy of running and spread the "positive energy" of running!



What is accomplished is the courage to start acting.

Triggering is the driving force for continuous advancement.

The promotion is the constant state of mind,

What is harvested is the result of persisting in efforts.

Looking forward to the next running season!