Beijing Zhongyuan Ltd. participated in the 2017 China Bioproducts Annual Meeting

Sponsored by China Pharmaceutical Enterprise Development Promotion Association, China Pharmaceutical Association Biopharmaceutical and Quality Research Committee, Chinese Preventive Medicine Association Biological Products Branch, China Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Association Vaccine Professional Committee, China Microbiology Society Biological Products Professional Committee, Chengdu Biological Products Research The “2017 China Bioproducts Annual Conference and the 17th National Biological Products Symposium” hosted by all responsible companies and other units was successfully held in Chengdu on November 20-21. Beijing Zhongyuan Ltd. sent representatives to participate in the event.

The conference invited five famous domestic experts, including Sang Guowei, Academician Liu Changxiao, Academician Lin Dongxuan, Academician Wei Yuquan and Researcher Wang Junzhi, to present a wonderful theme report. The theme report of the conference was presided over by Wang Zhijun, chairman of the Biopharmaceutical and Quality Research Committee of the Chinese Pharmaceutical Association, and Feng Duojia, president of the China Pharmaceutical Enterprise Development Promotion Association. The applause continued during the reporting period.

The Central Plains company sent representatives to participate in the event, and had a close communication with the experts and business representatives. At the same time, Zhongyuan Company held the “Awarded Research” campaign to give back to the customers for their strong support for the company over the years.Beijing Zhongyuan Ltd. will continue to support the holding of the annual meeting of biological products, bring the best quality products, provide the most complete process solutions, and serve customers in the life sciences field.

As a  public service platform for life science products, Beijing Zhongyuan Ltd. provides life science products distribution, import and export, logistics and process development services. The company is a Chinese import service provider and distributor designated by many international authoritative organizations (WHO, NIBSC, ATCC, Addgene, etc.) and internationally renowned biological companies. The products cover biological standards, reagents, consumables, instruments and equipment, and customers are all over the country. Biopharmaceutical companies, disease control centers, inspection and quarantine units, universities, research institutes and medical institutions. Beijing Zhongyuan Ltd. will continue to provide quality products and services to the vast number of scientific research units and production enterprises, and jointly promote the development of life science and technology in China.